Kahiltna Gold Pure Organic Alaska Birch Syrup - 8 oz.

2017 KAHILTNA GOLD IS IN! It can be ordered in first run, mid run, and late run. See the descriptions of each below. "Rich and spicy sweet, with a wonderful caramel-like flavor" Pure Kahiltna Gold Birch Syrup - certified organic - is produced on a Talkeetna homestead in Alaska's upper Susitna Valley, the vast river valley of the Alaska Range. Each spring we collect the sap from the paper birch and evaporate it to syrup in much the same way pure maple syrup is produced. This year 12,800 area trees were tapped to make our delicious Kahiltna Gold! It takes an average of 110 gallons of sap to produce 1 gallon of birch syrup; maple by comparison is approximately 40:1. Our Kahiltna Gold pure birch syrup makes a superb ingredient in the recipes section of this web site. It is wonderful on ice cream, in milkshakes, and coffee, and adds a divine sweetness to pancakes and waffles. Sweeten your Alaska chaga tea, for a total birch experience! Check out our new wild Alaska chaga products: Wild Alaska Chaga Products.

FIRST RUN is produced within the first week of the harvest. Following the first day of harvest (Reserve, see above) it is the lightest and sweetest of the season. Its flavor, sweetness, and color vary from year to year like fine wine, and depend very much on when the sap run begins, and the weather at the time of harvest. 2017 FIRST RUN was produced during the 2nd through 10th day of harvest. Right on target - we started tapping trees on April 15th. We had very cold nights for the first 10 days of our 21 day harvest, sap was sweet and the syrup is delightful! 2017 first run pure syrup is light amber, honey-like, floral in nature, with a very smooth finish. Truly lovely!

MID RUN birch syrup - a transition between early and late harvest, lasting only a few days - has a more complex tangy/sweetness and is somewhat "birchier" than our first run syrup. If you plan primarily to cook with your birch syrup, it would be a good choice for you, as it will require less syrup to get that wonderful birchy flavor! Mid run contains more minerals, and is also preferred for nutritional uses and diets. We use it primarily for birch milkshakes, coffee drinks, and salmon dishes, but, being a true birch syrup lover, I am just as likely to use it on my sourdough pancakes!

LATE RUN is all about the last week of harvest; it is stronger, darker, birchier and tangy - not as sweet, and highest in minerals and nutrients. I am often asked to describe the flavor ... it can vary from year to year. Most years there is a citrus or cherry-like fruitiness; some years more reminiscent of dark chocolate and coffee. Most chefs and beer brewers using our syrup in their recipes use late run. We also use it as an ingredient in all of our birch products. So if you are cooking, baking, or brewing with it - or using in a cleansing diet or other nutritional application - late run will work well for you; it is a step beyond mid run!