Click to enlargeKahiltna Climax Gourmet Birch Caramel Ice Cream Topping 9 Ounce Jar

Kahiltna Climax Gourmet Birch Caramel Ice Cream Topping is a sinfully rich and delicious all natural blend of birch syrup, butter, cream, and sugar. In addition to topping ice cream, it is wonderful on apples, bananas, peaches and other fruits. It is also delicious spread on toast or muffins, or coupled with peanut butter. Many of my enthusiastic caramel customers prefer it eaten out of the jar with finger or spoon! As the label proclaims, our caramel is thick, rich, heavenly - "a truly uplifting experience!" Our caramel topping is hands down the local favorite here in Alaska. Now available in smaller 6 oz jar as well (though most local caramel addicts would wonder why you would want a smaller jar!) Our caramel topping contains cream and milk from our local dairy when available. Please note that it also contains a small amount of corn syrup for stability, in addition to birch syrup and cane sugar.