Wild Alaska Smoked Salmon in jars and jerky strips; all natural, all wild! Oh so delicious!!

Our birch sap soap made especially for us by our friends at Denali Dreams in Anchorage Alaska Denali Dreams Soap Company

Wild Alaska Smoked Salmon 3.4 oz JarWild Alaska Smoked Salmon 3.4 oz Jar
Kenai River Smoked Salmon - all wild, all delicious! Nothing added but a little brown sugar and salt. Also available in many of our gourmet gift baskets Gift Baskets and Crates.

Denali Dreams Sweet Birch Sap SoapDenali Dreams Sweet Birch Sap Soap
Our good friends at Denali Dreams Soap Company made this wonderful soap for us, using sap harvested and frozen in the spring. This soap is lightly scented with essential oils of sandalwood and pachouli; and is wonderful for bathing. The sap makes the soap gentle and delicate. We use nothing else! The picture on the front of the bar is a painting by Birch Mama's own mom, Becky - now 91 years old and still painting. Becky loves this soap too!

Flying Squirrel Birch Nut Granola 1/2 and 1 Pound BagsFlying Squirrel Birch Nut Granola 1/2 and 1 Pound Bags
Our Flying Squirrel Birch Nut Granola made by former "sap sucker" Anita Golton at her well-known, and well-loved, Talkeetna Bakery/Cafe - The Flying Squirrel - using our pure birch syrup as an ingredient. Made in her wood-fired oven, this granola is full of dried apricots, walnuts, and crunchy goodness! Lightly sweetened with birch syrup and a little brown sugar. $7 for a 1/2 pound bag and $13 for 1 pound bag.